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„Slow food“ – a movement that has conquered the world

„Slow food“ – a movement that has conquered the world

We all know the term “fast food”, the accelerated pace of life has turned us to fast food. The founder of the “Slow food” movement, Carlo Petrini once said – “We are what we eat.” Whether we agree with that statement or not, we must admit that it is both right and healthy to enjoy food in a more complete and better way.

When did it all start?

In the 80’s, Carlo Petrini and a group of activists started a fight whose goal at the very beginning was to defend traditional, quality food and at the same time advocate a slower pace of life. After three decades, “Slow food” is a global movement joined by millions of people in over 160 countries.

What are the goals of Slow food?

Assistance and development of local food producers, protection of indigenous foods are just some of the challenges that the “Slow food” movement has tackled. We are talking about a new approach, not only when it comes to food preparation. Education is extremely important; to ask ourselves and find out where the food we consume comes from, whether it has been treated with pesticides, how it has been grown.

Slow food restaurants

Restaurants that have accepted the new principle do not have classic menus, but the waiters show you what is on offer and adapt it to you personally. “Slow food” does not define a precise appetizer, main course, dessert, everything is served in small portions and comes down to true enjoyment of a variety of foods.

Responsibility and awareness go together

The Slow Food movement encourages slow and long enjoyment of food, but also awareness and constant responsibility towards foods and their origins. It is expected that this kind of food will be fuller and taste better, but it is important that it be produced in such a way that it will not endanger human health and the environment.

Does “Slow food” mean a special type of food?

No, we are talking about the food we already like to eat: all kinds of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, meat products, but prepared in a different way.

“Slow Food” encourages people:

To get closer to local producers
To learn more about how to grow the food they eat every day
To grow vegetables and fruits themselves
To indulge in food enjoyment

Aside from all the support and praise at the expense of this movement, there will always be those who criticize it. Critics of “Slow food” call the movement elitist, emphasizing that buying organically grown food is a luxury and not everyone can afford it. This type of food cultivation, they argue, is not economically viable.


Personal chefs and enjoying food

For us, “Slow food” is actually the only possible option. By hiring a personal chef, you will get not only an expert in the field of cooking, but also a person who will make sure that the best possible ingredients are selected for food preparation.

Our four top chefs can prepare meals from different menus – something phenomenal from Italian cuisine, something exciting from Asian cuisine. Maybe you would try French specialties or prefer to rely on familiar local flavors, the choice is yours alone ☺

If you want to surprise your loved one or prepare a business dinner, invite us to find out more about hiring a personal chef.

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