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Personal chef of your choice!

Turn your home or office into an exclusive place for special occasions – hire a professional chef just for you. It’s up to you to make a reservation, and we’ll take care of everything else!

Personal Chef was created with the aim of offering food and hedonism lovers something new – a professional chef who prepares for you and your loved ones, friends or colleagues in an intimate atmosphere, wherever you want. You will have the opportunity to ask what you are interested in about food preparation and discover the little secrets of great chefs.

Menu selection and appointment booking

Choose a personal chef of your choice and book an appointment that suits you.

Our chefs buy the best groceries

The chef chooses carefully and provides only the best ingredients for you, taking care of the freshness and quality of the foods.

Preparing and serving food

A personal chef comes to the desired address and magic can begin.It’s up to you to enjoy yourself.

Spotless kitchen

The chef leaves behind a spotlessly clean kitchen, and lets you to enjoy the meal with your loved ones

If you have any further doubts about us, please check FAQ section.