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Meet our top chefs: Vladimir Popović

Meet our top chefs: Vladimir Popović

Members of our Personal Chef family are professional chefs with many years of experience. Thanks to the cooperation with the company CodeIT, Nenad Tomić was the first to launch a platform where you can hire a personal chef who will come to your home.

His success story, which began two years ago, was joined by three other colleagues. Among them is the chef Vladimir Popović and today we introduce you to him ☺

What you should know about Vladimir

His first love was computers, but very soon after finishing high school, and in parallel with his enrolled studies, he started working in the kitchen at the lowest positions. With great commitment and seriousness in the business, he progresses quickly and becomes the deputy chef.

Vladimir Popović shared the kitchen with great colleagues in famous restaurants, realizing that the formula for success is good organization, perseverance, constant learning, but also love for the job itself.

He is currently working as the chef of a small and pleasant restaurant where he creates the most amazing creations in the form of food. It is very important for him to have fresh and quality food and to leave a tidy kitchen behind.

He says about himself: “I like to cook, I love challenges and I like to win in those challenges. Food is not only used to be eaten, but also to be enjoyed. ”

“I can prepare everything you can imagine, but what sets me apart are the specialties of French cuisine.”

Why a personal chef in your home is a winning combination

People today lead extremely fast-paced and busy lives, not having the opportunity to enjoy small things like spending more time with family, partner or friends. Everyone sometimes likes to take a breather and wants to go to an elite restaurant, but in reality, people can best relax and spend quality time in their home.

Knowing that, especially now during the pandemic, personal chefs have become a real refreshment on the market. You don’t have to be afraid of the crowds, because a personal chef brings magic to your home and turns it into an excellent restaurant with food prepared exactly to your liking.

The chefs will go to procure the best groceries, prepare some of the desired specialties, set up and decorate the table as desired, but also leave behind a neat and clean space. Whether one of your guests is on a special diet or allergic to certain foods, our chefs will easily find a solution.

Meet the whole team of our experts and choose your favorite chef

Allow culinary experts to take care of your unforgettable lunch, business dinner, surprise, birthday or any kind of celebration. Get to know our team of experts by choosing a menu and a chef to your liking on the site. Whichever one you choose you will not go wrong ☺

Vladimir is an expert on French cuisine, so you can choose a menu called Ode to French Cuisine, , or some of their traditional dishes . Be sure to review  all other menus  and combine the ones that appeal to you the most or you already know very well.

Feel free to contact us for any additional questions and information; call to agree on a date that suits you.

Contact us at +381 66 61 000 16 or write to us at e-mail –

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