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Give a unique gift to your loved ones

Give a unique gift to your loved ones

Imagine a combination – love for loved ones, love for fantastically prepared food, a surprise that will be talked about  and a clean kitchen after all ☺

Something like that is not possible, you think, so you are not a professional chef who could knock your loved ones off their feet with culinary skills. Either your culinary skills may be exceptional, but you don’t have enough time, or the very thought of a mess that will remain after cooking takes you away from the idea that such a gift is the right thing to do.

Personal chefs exist for this very reason – to cancel you in the kitchen and prepare you a unique experience, an experience to remember.

The perfect gift

A gift that has no flaws. Not only can you choose the food and menus you like best, but the chosen chef will come to your address just when it suits you.

Whether you love local cuisine and traditional flavors of the homeland, whether you are a fan of Italian cuisine or French specialties, it is a real pleasure for a top chef to bring the atmosphere of the most elegant restaurants into the warmth of your home for the most beloved and beloved guests.

Complete enjoyment

You have agreed on the time and place of arrival, a professional chef enters your kitchen bringing all the necessary “tools”. You don’t have to worry about that either – if you don’t have any kitchen equipment, personal chefs have everything they need.

You don’t like onions? Don’t like mushrooms? Your personal chef will change the recipe in an instant so that it suits you.

At the same time, you can count on the highest quality ingredients that the chef will choose to make everything perfect.

Great reasons to hire a personal chef

Maybe you have a special guest or guests you want to please in a special way, maybe someone among them is picky. By hiring a personal chef, you will allow all of them to fully enjoy a fully customized menu, where ingredients they do not like or are allergic to will never be used to prepare meals.


We don’t have to explain to you how ungrateful the festive occasions are for the host. Preparing food, serving, instead of spending time with dear guests and apologizing to them about everything that interests you.

The atmosphere in your home is special no matter how much you like to celebrate special occasions outside or in a new location. Lack of privacy in a public place is one of the main reasons why people are increasingly deciding to hire a personal chef.

Personal chefs are super-flexible

Going to a restaurant, if you take it to lunch or dinner for a special event or occasion, is a stressful and responsible “job”. Do you really want to automatically take over everything – from choosing the type of restaurant, through the menu offer, service style and all other requirements and preferences of your guests or one important guest?


During the dinner in the restaurant, you will hardly be able to adjust the menu. By hiring a private chef you will forget about all the pressure, you will finally be able to completely relax knowing that your guests will enjoy every moment of the meal together, just like you.


Who are our chefs

Cooking is an art, and the members of our personal chef family are top professionals, we can freely say real culinary artists.

Working in elite restaurants over the years, they have gained the necessary experience and numerous skills that they will be happy to present to you.

You can decide for yourself which of  our four chefs  suits you best and choose one of your  favorite menus

Write to us at or call us at +381 66 61 000 16, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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