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Personal chef: An ideal choice during a pandemic

Personal chef: An ideal choice during a pandemic

The pandemic has made a real apocalypse when it comes to catering. The crown brought devastation and endangered the entire catering sector. On the other hand, the business with personal chefs has flourished. More and more people decide to eat at home, in controlled conditions.

New behavior inside the restaurant

Going to restaurants is no longer the same as before. Everything is strictly taken care of – both guests and staff must be maximally disciplined. Large menus in leather bindings have become high risk. No matter how often the restaurant staff disinfects them, epidemiological measures all over the world require that guests must refrain from ritual browsing and careful reading of the menu.

The Swedish table goes down in history?

Even when the pandemic passes, people will still not want to eat food that has been exposed to another guest, so we can expect the buffet to slowly but surely go into oblivion. The concept of food sharing is definitely a thing of the past, eventually when you have dinner together you can share a bite.

What has changed

Challenging times have brought simple solutions like new restaurants that deliver food or have developed over-the-counter sales. Such a dining experience is certainly not like dining in top restaurants.

Is there a solution that would reconcile all your needs at this time and comply with all necessary measures; can you still enjoy your favorite food? Yes, there is a solution, you can always invite a personal chef to your home.

Personal chef as the perfect alternative

The epidemic has changed through rituals and procedures in the restaurant industry. Hiring a personal chef and the experience of dining at home are a great alternative to the previous experience of dining in restaurants.

Measures taken by a personal chef to protect you

Your Personal Chef will adhere to all measures prescribed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the World Health Organization regarding the COVID-19 virus pandemic:

When entering your home, the chef is obliged to wear a protective mask and gloves, which he will take off and wash and disinfect his hands upon arrival at your home.
He is obliged to leave the groceries he took with him in a place that does not endanger his work or the client’s safety.
The minimum distance between the cook and the client must be 2 meters.
Upon arrival, the chef will disinfect the work surface, knife, board and all elements and tools, as well as the dishes he will use.
At the end of the work, the chef will clean the kitchen, no matter how he found it. It will disinfect all work surfaces and all other surfaces in the kitchen.
Every cook is obliged to have a disinfectant in his accessories, several pieces of masks, gloves, a black garbage bag and clean cloths that he will use to work and disinfect the kitchen.
Each of our chefs brings with them a copy of the sanitary valid booklet.

Your home Your choice

If you want to turn your home into a restaurant for special occasions for at least one day, we will be happy to help you. We are here for you, whether it is important dates, anniversaries, birthdays, internal celebrations, mini-celebrations, business dinners…

The best part about hiring a personal chef is always  choosing your  favourite dishes  as well as the chef that best suits your wishes and requirements. On our site you can easily browse all the menus and learn more about Nenad, Jakov, Vladimir or Dejan, professional chefs with many years of experience.

Call us on +381 66 61 000 16 or write to us at

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