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Brunch – modern breakfast for true gourmets

Brunch – modern breakfast for true gourmets

Have you ever heard of brunch?

The combination of two words, breakfast and lunch, took the best of both meals and combined them into one completely new, phenomenal experience for all true gourmets.

A brief history – from prominent Englishmen to poor Americans

Although the Americans attributed the new word to their journalist Frank Ward O’Malley, the truth is a little different.

An clever English writer, Guy Beringer, suggested a meal to be served at noon, starting with coffee or tea, possibly jam or something “lighter”, while continuing the meal would involve far more caloric food. This kind of breakfast-lunch would be suitable for all those who drank a glass more the night before or stayed longer in bed.

The fact that in 1895 Beringer published an essay entitled “Brunch: Please” speaks volumes about how enthusiastic he was about this idea.

On the other side of the ocean, it took the Americans over 30 years to love and accept brunch.

The American version of brunch took off in the countryside, where it was important for “ordinary” workers to have a good and plentiful breakfast so that they could do hard physical work. The habits of the people who lived in the cities were different, so brunch became a custom during the weekends or holidays.

What makes brunch so tempting

Variety of colors, various flavors, the possibility of choosing completely different foods on the table will delight and delight even the most discerning. Brunch includes not only delicious snacks, but also the best possible company.

How and when to serve

In today’s modern times, brunch is served between 10 am and 2 pm. Brunch could also be the meal you serve to a guest who slept in your home  and got up a little later.

Brunch is served in cafes and restaurants in two ways – either as a buffet where you serve yourself, or on a large plate, a tray, where you will find small, interesting snacks.

In case you are the host who serves brunch, feel free to let your imagination run wild. Serve yogurt in nice jars, serve scrambled eggs in unusual dishes.

What does brunch look like in different states

A typical American brunch involves fried eggs, bacon, pancakes, donuts or rolls, served with coffee, milk or juice.

Other countries have a different idea of ​​what this glorious meal should consist of.

In France, fried eggs, crème fraîche spread, garlic and smoked salmon are served with the inevitable French baguette.

For the English, the winning combination is fried bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and bread, along with toppings such as baked beans.

The Chinese have a special name Dim Sum for their version of brunch. Many of the dishes that make up this meal are steamed or fried in deep oil. Steamed pork ribs, then char siu bao (steamed buns filled with roast pork) and har gow (shrimp dumplings).

When it comes to desserts, you can usually find Chinese egg tart on the menu, or you can choose between almond pudding or mango pudding.

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