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Why Personal chef, not catering

Why Personal chef, not catering

At the beginning, we have to break the prejudice that the Personal chef and the catering are the same things.

Catering service is based on in-advance-prepared food, which is prepared outside your kitchen and delivered to your home address. Sometimes its transport requires certain specific requirements and conditions, and it often does not come in the desired shape, be it cold or stale.
Personal chef brings freshly bought groceries to your home and prepares meals for you and your guests on the spot. On the spot, you can, if you want, discuss with our chefs about how to prepare food. You can also ask our chefs for advice in the kitchen, but also leave it entirely to them to take care of your table. You choose how you want the Personal Chef’s guest appearance look like.

When our chefs prepare food for you, they serve the food in the way you want in agreement with you, all your special requests can be fulfill.

When it’s all over, our chefs will clean up after themselves, wash the dishes and leave behind a flawless kitchen.

By hiring a Personal chef you get:
– Freshness of food and freshness of prepared meals.
– Additional services such as special exclusive wines or flower arrangements.
– Possibility of organizing special surprises by arrangement.
– A professional chef in your home from the best restaurants.
– Arranging and adjusting each dish on the spot.
– Food service agreement.
– Tips from our chef that you can apply every day in your kitchen.
– Washing and unpacking dishes, as well as kitchens.

These are just some of the benefits, and it is up to you to discover the rest of the benefits through our engagement.

Register for free and choose a dish to your liking from our offer at the following link.

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