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Meet our  chefs: Nenad Tomić

Meet our chefs: Nenad Tomić

If it weren’t for Nenad, we can freely say that there would be no joint brand Personal Chef.☺

Two years ago, Nenad Tomić embarked on a unique adventure in our market and, thanks to the cooperation with CodeIT, launched a platform where you can hire a personal chef.

The task of this young man from Užice is to turn your home into a real restaurant, similar to the ones you like to go to.

Nenad Tomić gained experience in the most famous restaurants in the capital, where he had the opportunity and honor to cooperate with renowned chefs and improve the existing knowledge and skills in the kitchen in the best way. At the same time, he was engaged in the highest positions, not only in restaurants in Belgrade, but also in luxury hotels in Montenegro and on Zlatibor.

Nenad is a great lover of cooking and as a true professional, he also has his own rituals when preparing food. In his case, he always carries knives with him, it is his personal “tool” from which he does not separate “

Before entering someone’s home, the most important thing for Nenad is to be well informed about the kitchen equipment so that he knows exactly what equipment he has at his disposal. Lasagna or baking cannot be prepared without an oven, but this excellent culinary artist will create magic on an ordinary stove as well.

And not just preparing food, Nenad’s job is far more than that. After preparing an unforgettable meal in the form of a surprise or a business dinner, your personal chef will set aside special time for decorating and setting the table.

Clients are different, and so are their requirements. In the interviews, Nenad gladly remembers the occasion when he was asked to roast an Andalusian pig in front of the guests, like world chefs, and cut it like a true connoisseur.

If you want to surprise someone, you can hire Nenad as a personal chef to finish everything before your special guest or more appear. Preparing food, decorating and leaving your home just as if you prepared everything yourself, yes and that is possible ☺

It is extremely important for Nenad to inquire in detail and fulfill all wishes and follow all the habits of both the host and his guests. Preparing customized meals especially for those who have a different diet or are allergic to certain ingredients is one of the standard requirements that are gladly met.

Preparing food for Nenad as well as for our other chefs  is a real pleasure, so you can expect everything on the table – from appetizers, through the main course, to the most delicious desserts or the complete preparation of the feast.

If it is a matter of preparing a bigger celebration like a celebration, it is enough to agree two days in advance, the personal chef will come, prepare everything you have agreed on, while leaving behind a perfectly clean kitchen.

Suddenly, different cooking techniques are close, so if you want to please your guests with unusual flavors and different menus, he will present all his culinary skills and present them on your plate in the most beautiful and best way.

Feel free to contact us for any additional questions and information; call to agree on a date that suits you.

Contact us at +381 66 61 000 16 or write to us at e-mail –

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