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True enjoyment of food – „fine dining“

True enjoyment of food – „fine dining“

How do you imagine the ideal lunch or dinner? Do you come up with completely different tastes, more different dishes that may not have points of contact? A perfect meal requires much more than deliciously prepared and served food. Special ways of preparing and serving food, which include the highest quality food, together include “fine dining”.


Who invented the “fine dining” concept?


It may seem to you that the “fine dining” concept has only recently existed, but its beginnings actually date back to the time after the French Revolution.


César Ritzi, the well-known owner of the hotel, is teaming up with the prominent French chef Auguste Escoffi at the Grand Hotel. “Grand” becomes the first hotel to offer “luxury accommodation and gourmet meals all under one roof”. In France, “fine dining” has become another way for top caterers and hoteliers to join the aristocracy.


What kind of food is served?


Paris has always been an inspiration to many “fine dining” restaurants around the world, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s French or Mediterranean cuisine.


“Fine dining” restaurants are characterized by international, both world and local, traditional cuisine. Foods used to prepare meals must fulfill the highest standards. Food is prepared in the healthiest ways. Culinary masters try to preserve the quality of fresh food and that their dominant taste is not lost by excessive heat treatment.


The art of serving and designing menus


What is specific and recognizable for “fine dining” are small perfect portions. You will not be greeted by piles of food in large plates on the tables.


The key feature is minimalism, which is accompanied by the beauty of simplicity and variety of tastes.


Serving is an important part of this concept – on a plate you will be greeted by a scene from which the desire for food is further enhanced. In the “fine dining” restaurants you will encounter dishes that you have probably never heard of.


The focus is on the details


Many restaurants that offer “fine dining” go so far as to design their own porcelain and dishes that will suit the overall aesthetics and food. Every detail is important. Too loud music, too much light or too much decoration – none of this is “allowed”.


Who starts popular trends


A good manager or chef follows current food trends and gradually incorporates them into the menu in a unique way. Top chefs are characterized by creativity and it often happens that they start a new trend on their own.


“Fine dining” at home


You can try everything that is served in exclusive restaurants in the “warmth” of your home. When we say everything, we mean designing interesting snacks, beautifying the space, creating a pleasant atmosphere that will delight someone when you may have wanted to surprise.


We are not all good at cooking or we may not have enough time to dedicate to preparing meals in the way we would like. Please yourself and others, design an event like a special dinner for two, a birthday present, a business dinner or maybe a  bachelorette party  – invite a personal chef to take care of everything else ☺


On our site you can choose top chefs  and opt for some of the many  fantastic menus. A personal chef will bring the “spirit” of luxury restaurants into your home and make sure everything is exactly as you wanted it to be.


Call us on +381 66 61 000 16 to agree on the details or write to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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