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Meet our chefs: Jakov Reves

Meet our chefs: Jakov Reves

The Personal chef is a brand created in Serbia in July, two years ago. It was designed by professional chef Nenad Tomić with one goal – to bring the experience of dining like the one in the most exclusive restaurants into your home or office.

What started as an individual idea based on a personal account on Instagram, has become far greater. Nenad was gladly joined by colleagues with whom he shares his passion for food preparation. One of them is Jakov Reves.

Jakov fell in love with cooking early

He has loved cooking since he was a child, browsing the cooks he had in the house.

Looking at the photos of the dishes in the cookboks, Jakov dreamed to prepare dishes such this for his guests. He finished high school and college, majoring in “Gastronomy” in Belgrade, and then went on to further culinary adventures across Europe and Asia.

And not only did he fulfill, Jakov surpassed his boyhood dreams.

He gained experience in distant lands around the planet

For years, Jakov has been gathering culinary knowledge from different countries – Germany, Slovenia, Arab countries. He gave himself space to create combinations and judging by the impressions of those who had the opportunity to try these specialties – he does it without a mistake ☺

Returning to Belgrade after a few years, he shared his knowledge in the most elite restaurants in Belgrade as a chef, organizer of many celebrations and “team building”.

Why a personal chef in your home is a winning combination

A personal chef prepares delicious meals, such as those in restaurants, especially in your home. The chef takes over the kitchen while you enjoy the company of those with whom you wanted to share an experience like this. You don’t spend time shopping for groceries, preparing meals, washing dishes and tidying up the kitchen; It is up to you to relax and let the expert take care of everything.

Information that is important to us

Before entering someone’s home, it is extremely important for Jakov, as well as for other chefs, to find out as much as possible about your tastes and wishes, so that he can respect and follow the habits of all guests. After preparing an unforgettable meal in the form of a surprise or a business dinner, your personal chef will set aside special time for decorating and setting the table.

What you should know about Jakov

“I don’t measure often, but somehow I always stab the right measure,” said our young chef. “I prepare everything – from meat and fish pastries, to sarma and cakes.”

“I add, change, create… you will be convinced if you invite me to come to your home and cook for you.”

Italian and Asian cuisine are his main trump cards. We suggest that you review the menu of Asian cuisine “Spice Road“, but also two Italian – “Tuscan” and “Tutto italiano“.

Meet our team of experts

Allow the best to take care of your memorable lunch, dinner or any kind of celebration. Meet the team of experts by visiting our site, choosing the menu and the chef to your liking. We are absolutely sure that you will not make a mistake whenever you choose ☺

Call us on +381 66 61 000 16 or write to us at, we are here to answer all your questions and concerns.

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