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Why a Personal Chef is the right choice for a business dinner

Why a Personal Chef is the right choice for a business dinner

Do you have an important meeting with a business partner or do you want to agree on cooperation realated with joint business? Maybe it’s a long-term business partner – the harder it is to decide how to shine in the role of the one who organizes the business dinner or in another case the “host”.


Is it better to book a table in your favorite restaurant or is it easier and more comfortable to invite an important business associate to your home?


A business dinner at home is one of the best ways to introduce your partner not only to your business but also to show him how all aspects of your life are included in the company.


You definitely want to impress your special guest and that is why a personal chef in your home is a really great choice for a business dinner☺


Why business dinners are so important

Leaving a good impression on a business partner is far more than a quality meal. A business dinner will reveal a lot about you. The way you treat a guest, how much you respect someone’s habits and desires. A business dinner is not an event that will be easily forgotten, so do your best to make such a dinner an unforgettable experience.


Why a personal chef is a great solution

Let’s say you decided on a restaurant and everything went as you expected. Maybe your partner at the end of the meal would be in doubt whether he should share the bill with you. When you invite a business partner to your home, there are no such doubts.

Imagine another scenario – during dinner at your home, you are the person who adds food and drink and serves it. In the middle of an important conversation, such activities could seriously disturb you.

Not to mention the choice of food – what would be good to prepare, whether you will perform as well in the kitchen as in your business, how to change the recipe and adapt it to your special guest.

Just as you are a professional in your business, let your personal chef do his job in the best possible way.


Call a personal chef and relax

Personal chef – just the name says a lot. It is up to you to ask what your guest likes, you can choose your favorite food and menus that you like. The chosen chef comes to your home address, bringing all the necessary “tools” when it suits you.

The combinations are countless and it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of local and Italian cuisine, the personal chef will adapt the dinner to everyone.

Is the guest picky, perhaps sensitive or allergic to certain foods, or adheres to a special diet? No problem for our great chefs.

For them, preparing meals is a real pleasure, they are happy to convey the atmosphere of the most elite restaurants in which they gained experience, to your home, for your important guests.

And finally, let’s not forget another extremely important thing – the personal chef leaves your home, leaving behind a clean kitchen so you can forget about dirty dishes and the mess that remains behind the one who prepares dinner. Doesn’t it sound like the Personal Chef is the right choice for a business dinner? ☺

How to get a personal chef

If you decide to organize a business dinner in the premises of your home, our four exceptional chefs are at your disposal.

Take a close look at all the menus to decide on the one that meets all your expectations.

Write to us at or call us at +381 66 61 000 16, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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