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Setting up a table for special occasions

Setting up a table for special occasions

Sometimes it is enough to look at the festively set table even before serving delicious food, so that you are thrilled by the sight and the thought of the impression it will leave on your dear guests.

Will you be able to do it yourself? The answer is YES, of course, you need to follow a few important tips, incorporate some great ideas and we are sure that after reading this text you will want to apply some of the suggestions in your home.

Basic rules for setting cutlery

Before we start thinking about the details that will make the look of the table special, let’s go back to the beginning. The most important thing is to know the basics, ie the most important rules for placing cutlery on the table.

Rule number one – for each dish guests will use a different plate and cutlery
The plate is placed right in front of the chair that is in that direction behind the table
The fork is placed on the left side
On the right side, you will first put a knife, and then a spoon (a spoon is used to eat soup first, then we use a fork and a knife for the main dish)
If you are going to serve dessert – put a spoon or a small fork over the plate
There should be a maximum of three forks and three knives on the table
Don’t forget to put salt and pepper dishes on the festive table, and a jug of fresh water would be good.
The glasses on the table do not turn upside down, but so that you can pour drinks into them immediately.
Since there are different types of glasses, there is no universal rule for them – water glasses are placed to the right of the plate, wine glasses to the right of the water glass. When it comes to setting the table for a wedding or wedding, it is important to follow these rules

Cutlery , tablecloth and decorations

Let’s start with tablecloths – the highest quality materials are the best base. Without too many patterns, a simple, classic, one-color tablecloth will look far more elegant with all the other details and decorations on the table.

Expensive dishes that you use only for special occasions will be the right choice for a festive lunch or dinner.

First, we put a shallow plate on the table, deep for soup or soup over it. If the table is big enough and the occasion is such that you really want the decoration to be remembered for a long time, you can add another, the largest plate that will serve as a basis for the others.

How much and how to decorate a table?

Sometimes it’s less – more. As with choosing a tablecloth, you don’t want a floral design that you would have to combine with colorful cutlery and other table decorations. Serving food is an art in itself, so if you plan to serve a larger amount of food, keep decorations to a minimum.

Carefully ironed, elegant tablecloth is the perfect base to which the pads under the plate can be attached in a color that will be a contrast (if the tablecloth is white, the pads can be in darker colors).

You can fold cloth napkins in an unusual way or wrap them nicely around cutlery.

If you have space and the table is big enough, put an ikebana with flowers or a decorative basket with fruit on the central part…

You have planned in advance how the table could look for your special occasion, but you cannot decide on the choice of dishes that will amaze you and your guests. What do you say to this original proposal – call a personal chef , leave the kitchen to him and create the magic of taste.

These are professionals who will bring the taste of Asia or the Mediterranean to your table, in fact  any of these menus , according to your wishes.

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