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A personal chef cooks in your home

A personal chef cooks in your home

More than six months ago, a young man from Užice decided to turn his free time into work, and transform Belgrade’s homes into restaurants. Nenad Tomić does not run away from the kitchen, but gladly enters it. Not only in hid own but also in other people’s, in order to transfer the spirit of the restaurant to their homes. He never goes to that task without his own knives.

“We are like athletes, like gum must be in the left duck and so on. So we also have knives and no one should touch us, a knife must stand like that. We don’t have such rituals as Nadal, but we just have some little rituals of our own when we enter the kitchen “, explains Nenad.

Before that, he arranges a menu with the host, which depends on the equipment of the kitchen. Sometimes his own accessories are not enough.
“If there is no oven, of course we can’t prepare lasagna, we can’t bake or anything like that, but a stove is enough to make magic what you would say, from what it has,” adds the chef.

It takes two to three hours for this magic. When he prepared and decorated the meal, Nenad set the table. His work often does not end there.
“We had a request where clients asked me to roast an Andalusian pig  there on the spot, a dozen people were at the gala dinner, to cut it in front of them like world chefs,” says Nenad.

And there are those who do not want to brag about the Personal Chef, so send Nenad home before the guests show up.
“We had an interesting case where a boy wanted to surprise his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. We agreed with him to come and decorate the whole apartment, to set up table and  40 minutes before their arrival, we left the apartment and it seemed as if he was preparing all that “, reveals Nenad Tomić.

What the Personal Chef must know in advance is whether any of the hosts or guests are allergic to something in order to reshape the recipes. And he has no problem adapting them to special diets. A personal chef prepares everything – from appetizers to main dishes to desserts, which is why clients often hire him to prepare the feast. It takes him at least two days to do so, and in addition to meals, he leaves behind a clean kitchen.

Text written by: Ivana Džamić

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