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A brief history of cooking

A brief history of cooking

Ever since the old days, when the first piece of meat caught fire and people discovered the taste of thermally processed food, we have been looking for the most perfect flavors and food combinations. The Romans were the first to prepare and sell food in makeshift caravan inns that traveled from east to west of the Roman Empire. The cooks in the medieval courts were considered something like the honor guard of every ruler, but as much as they were respected, so much their lives life was hanging by a thread. Because it was enough for someone not to like just one dish, which had to be more for a meal, and for the cook to end up on the guillotine or, at best, as a slave of a nobleman.
It has been noted that the first cookbooks were printed at the beginning of the 14th century and that they were printed with the intention of revealing not only recipes, but also norms of behavior in the court to every next cook in the court.

Due to the multitude of different foods it had because of its colonies, English cuisine was the most diverse, but French cuisine was the most refined and strived to create a new art – gastronomy.

French cuisine is considered the forerunner of today’s modern gastronomy. Therefore, it is no wonder that in 1936, the book “L’Art culinare moderne” was published in France – which means the modern art of cooking, which is considered the culinary bible.
The first cookbook in Serbia was printed back in 1855. It was written by the hieromonk Jerotej Draganovic and was published in the Krušedol monastery on St. Peter’s Day and presents recipes that have been preserved since the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, cooking is considered an art and various food preparation techniques are used to process food.
In fact, every chef seeks his inspiration in groceries, and uses the plate on which he will serve his dish as a canvas on which, in addition to pairing colors and groceries, he will also pair flavors.

We can transfer a part of the past to your home and kitchen. Let the tastes of antiquity smell in your home. Let us paint on your plates and make works of art from them.

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