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5 great reasons to hire a personal chef

5 great reasons to hire a personal chef

Nowadays, we are all in a hurry somewhere, we are too busy, we do not spend enough time with our family and those we love. Going to an elite restaurant probably seems like the perfect solution; a great opportunity to treat yourself and spend moments together.

Try for a moment to imagine how your home becomes a luxury restaurant where you can relax just like at home. Real thing, right?

You may have heard of them by now – personal chefs are a real refreshment and a great choice, especially now, at a time when we are avoiding big crowds. Culinary experts will prepare fantastic dishes in your kitchen, set the table and leave a tify and clean space behind.

And that’s just the beginning, because there are a lot of reasons to hire someone who can make the whole family happy.

Free up time for those things you love to do

Make it easier for yourself by leaving the planning of lunches, dinners and celebrations to us. Shopping, choosing groceries, cooking, cleaning the kitchen, that’s our job. Free up valuable time for the things you want to do, which relax you, and at the same time have top quality and taste specialties on the table.

You can choose food

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Italian or French cuisine or if you are a fan of home-made food. You don’t have to worry about whether you will be able to satisfy more picky guests or those on a special diet, whether someone is allergic to certain types of food. We can agree on all the details quickly and easily, and the personal chef will be happy to adopt them.

Cooking is simply “not your business”

For people who are not culinary, choosing the right foods can be a kind of effort. Our chefs know how to choose the highest quality meat, fruits, vegetables… all the ingredients necessary to prepare your favorite delicacies.

Spending a good part of their lives cooking, it is a challenge for them to create new and improve old flavors and recipes. Maybe you have never been to “you” with cooking and we fully understand you ☺ Allow the experts to show you the acquired knowledge, to surprise and delight you with their skills.

A surprise not to be forgotten

You want to surprise your loved one but you have no idea. A personal chef is an original gift, an experience that exceeds all expectations. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two, a birthday, an anniversary, the rules are the same – you choose, the personal chef “fulfills” your wishes according to the possibilities and the original agreement.

From appetizers to desserts

Whether you are more a fan of modern or traditional gastronomy is completely irrelevant, because on our site you can choose menus from different cusisines, including Serbian traditional dishes, but also Asian, Mediterranean, French, etc. The task of the personal chef is to completely prepare a meal for you – from appetizers to desserts.

Allow Nenad, Jakov, Vladimir or Dejan to take care of your table.

If you want, you can “reserve” one of our four professional chefs in a very simple way. Enjoy the little things, spend fulfilled time with your family, and we will make sure to meet all your expectations.

For more information you can call us at +381 66 61 000 16 or send us an email at

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