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Frequently asked questions

What is a Lični Kuvar?

Lični Kuvar is a platform used to book a professional chef, who will cook for you and your family, colleagues, friends… The chef comes on request to the desired address and prepares food as from the most delicious restaurants.

Does the chef bring groceries?

In short – yes. The chef procures the highest quality groceries and brings them right to your address. The purchase of groceries is included in the price of the service.

How is the price formed?

The price is formed depending on the various menus that are in our offer. Prices are per person and there are no hidden costs.

Do I need a special kitchen?

A special kitchen is not necessary, and when filling out inquiries on our site, you will be asked to mention if there is something that the chef needs to pay special attention to. For example, you will draw our attention if you do not have an oven or you have two hobs, so that our chefs can prepare well and do adequate preparation.

Can the menu be customized according to my requirements?

When filling out the query, you can write your specific request in the Note field, if any. So, for example, you can emphasize that you are allergic to a specific ingredient, and in agreement with you, we will create an adequate replacement.