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Lični kuvar adheres to all measures prescribed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the World Health Organization regarding the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus:

  • The chef is obliged to bring a protective mask and gloves when entering your home, which he will take off and wash and disinfect his hands upon arrival at your home.
  • He is obliged to leave the groceries he took with him in a place that does not endanger both his work and the client’s safety.
  • If space allows, the minimum distance between the cook and the client must be at least 2 meters, if not possible, then it is important to maintain the maximum possible distance.
  • Upon arrival, the cook is obliged to disinfect the work surface, knives, board, and all elements and tools, as well as the dishes he will use and try to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
  • After finishing the work, he is obliged to clean the kitchen, regardless of how he found it. He disinfects all work surfaces and all other surfaces in the kitchen and takes out the garbage he left behind.
  • Every cook is obliged to have a disinfectant in his utensils, several pieces of masks, gloves, a black garbage bag, and clean clothes that he will use to disinfect the kitchen.
  • Every cook is also obliged to bring a copy of a valid sanitary booklet.

We would ask clients to respect the measures of wearing masks and keeping their distance. All complaints and objections due to non-compliance with these measures can be submitted to